Un veterano reportero conocido como Mr Beers, muere tras cuatro días de borrachera

Veteran: Robert Beers had fought alcoholism for many years before his relapse shortly before his death

An award-winning journalist plunged four storeys to his death from a hotel window after a four-day alcohol binge, an inquest heard.

Veteran broadcaster and university lecturer Robert Beers died instantly in the fall from his room in Istanbul, Turkey, after going missing on his way to India.

The 67-year-old war-zone journalist, who covered stories in more than 60 countries in an illustrious 40-year career, died last February.

A coroner at his inquest heard how Mr Beers, who had a history of depression, had overcome a battle with alcoholism in the 1990s.

But he suffered a major relapse in the days leading up to his sudden death.

Mr Beers was living in the UK and working as the degree course leader in MA International Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire at the time of his death.

A coroner heard that he set off alone for a university trip to India from Manchester Airport on February 6.

However, a major search was launched for the former CBS reporter when he failed to turn up in Mumbai the following day, where he was expected to speak to budding UCLan media students.

He was found two days later in Istanbul by Turkish police and a fellow university lecturer. He had been ‘drinking heavily, was dishevelled, and in no fit state to travel,’ the inquest heard.

A local doctor gave Mr Beers a sedative and he was left in bed to sleep off the effects of the alcohol on February 11.

Fuente y leer: Dailymail

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